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howdy, yall!

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hello from san antonio!  been on here before as AD5FD years ago.  only setup i have is a ricebox 7200 and a 40 meter dipole nvis style.  always interested in running am and listening to the stories being passsed along


73 de N5GIT, Tom

     schertz, texas

Posted : 31/12/2022 4:27 pm
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Hi Tom,

Glad you found the site and welcome. Rice box works fine especially if you put a little power to it with an amp. You can find AM stuff going on at the top end of the 40 meter band. Sometimes you just have to call CQ for a little while to drum up some folks. In fact you gave me an idea to make another forum catagory for people that want to schedule contacts.  Happy New Year.

John McGrath N9AMI
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Posted : 31/12/2022 5:21 pm
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Yes I already listen to 7160 for a group of guys here in TX in middays

7290 I have to wait till after the 7290 traffic net at 2 pm. 

If I can filter out my ef in the shack I'll be ready for an amp hi

i go back as far as listening to the old  SPAM nets in the late 70s and early 80s on 7160





Posted : 02/01/2023 7:33 pm
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