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I am only just getting into AM, and have made a handful of contacts in this mode over the last year or so.  I have one modern HF radio in may shack, and it gets the least use.  Everything else is hollow state.  My primary rig for AM is a 1976 Yaesu FT-101E with a matching FL-2100B amplifier, which has the AM filter added.  I have also made AM contacts using my Drake twins, but I usually just use those on sideband.  Last summer I brought a Johnson Viking 2 home from a local hamfest, and after a little maintenance it is ready for active use.  I look forward to using it in the AM windows as soon as I have obtained an appropriate BA receiver and T/R switch to match it.  My radio time is very limited right now unfortunately, but I find learning about and using these old radios very satisfying, and I hope to speak to more AM enthusiasts on the air over the next year.

Jerry, WK4K

Lebanon, Tennessee

 0925221945 HDR
Posted : 31/12/2022 8:44 pm
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  Thanks for the introduction. Nice to meet you. Nice setup I am sure the and VK2, 101 will sound nice on the air along with the other gear. Remember you can use anything thats AM heck even carrier and one sideband is still AM although some hard liners might disagree hi hi. Welcome and your certificate is ready for the mail box next week.  




John McGrath N9AMI
AMI# 1488
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Posted : 31/12/2022 10:10 pm