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Why Do Amateurs enjoy AM?

The fidelity of AM sounds great and it’s easy to listen to. When an AM carrier quiets your receiver and rich, full audio fills your radio room, you experience something that goes beyond just making a contact. Furthermore, the nostalgia of running the first voice mode is something lots of hams love.

How can AMI help you enjoy AM?

AMI encourages regional AM activity insuring AM activity near you.

AMI sponsors operating events and fun contests.

AMI encourages use of vintage radios and todays new equipment capable of AM.

AMI encourages amateurs to get involved with their radios, from simple modifications to extensive homebrew projects.

How can AMI promote AM?

AMI members conduct net operations that are open to all amateurs.

AMI encourages submission of AM articles for publication in amateur radio magazines.

AMI Promotes the use of AM to new interested operators and helps mentor proper operation.

How can AMI preserve AM?

AMI monitors developments in amateur radio regulation, policy and practice that could affect AM operation.

AMI keeps its membership informed and recommends action if threat to AM operation arises, we have a voice of over 1900 members.

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