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NC-183D Modification

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With the hopes of stirring up some activity here, I'm going to post what I posted on the other AM board so that there may be OPs here that don't subscribe there. So I have not had much success finding a power transformer for my NC-183D. Hammond doesn't list it as being made and back in the day, Peter Dahl would sell you one if you sent the old one in. The cost for it in 2004 was $165 plus shipping. I would think that to have Hammond redo it would be very costly. So what I am now considering is to use an Antek AS-2T350-200VA toroidal transformer. It will give me 700VCT @ 0.250mA and 8A of 6.3 filament current. Along with that I will solid state the rectifier whereby eliminating the need for a 5.0VAC filament. Opinions or other considerations are invited.

Posted : 25/03/2023 2:05 pm
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