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Making vides for the AM Rally

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The nationwide AM RALLY is coming up in February. I was practicing the use of a couple of video cameras and KiwiSDR internet-receiver node this past weekend to put together a video that can help promote the event. ( see for details of the event)

All it would take is a couple of old smartphones, some adequate lighting, and an hour or two to assemble something. Highly recommended as a way to illustrate our part of the hobby for others.

Posted : 23/01/2023 8:57 pm
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Good job and I know what it takes to put that togehter with the editing you had to do. I have been doing you tube videos for little bit, here is the AM International feed. I am just doing it for fun. I have done a few you tube series of shows with gold mining and treasure hunting also which is a much larger real production with lots of editing. However it doesn't take much to throw a few web cams up in your shack and just go live on you tube and promote whatever you want. Best of luck to you with that I am sure you will get lots of folks interested.

John McGrath N9AMI
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Posted : 23/01/2023 11:48 pm