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Viking Ranger

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This is NOT your grandfather's Viking Ranger!
This transmitter has been rebuilt and realigned by the team at Kiss Electronics. The resistors and capacitors have been replaced. This transmitter is good for another 60 years of service! The radio has the PTT option. No cosmetic restoration has been done, but under the hood it is in excellent condition.
Included in the package is a Dow Key relay and an unamplified Astatic D-104 microphone. Also, 3870 and 7290 crystals installed. The audio from this transmitter in AM is excellent. On its own it is a great radio, or add an amplifier and run AM full legal limit with great audio!
I have LOTS Of pictures of the radio. I encourage potential buyers to check them out. I also have an audio recording of he transmitter on AM from 180 miles away on 75m.
I will not take responsibility to ship this heavy radio. I am willing to deliver or meet the buyer within 3 - 4

IMG 2359
IMG 2372
IMG 2373

hours drive from Baltimore.
LOWERED PRICE: $500 for the entire package, OBO. All sales final.

Contact me at:

Posted : 24/01/2024 4:33 pm
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