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AMI Jamboree for 2023 is now over. Please send in your log via the site upload on the event page no matter if you made the 25 cut or not. Why? Because you will get a certificate thats why hows that sound? I was on the air for the event and was super happy to hear people operating the event. This being the first year I fully expected a lower turn out but was pleastly surpirsed to hear the action at times. I know we can do better and this is going to be our flagship operating event every year on black friday. There will be tweaks on things of course. The whole object is its not a contest its a rally or operating event to promote AM and our fantastic courteous operting. I had 8 new members because of the event and all except one were new to AM so this is a good thing for us. Lets face it lots are old geezers here and the new blood is a good thing. Sorry geezers no offense but you get it. I will be there soon enough!

John McGrath N9AMI
AMI# 1488
Executive Director

Posted : 29/11/2023 7:31 pm