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29.000 SSB Net

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I have been getting reports from various people about someone running a ssb net on 29.000. This is not following band allocation guidlines by any arrl bandplan. I am sure if we dropped a 10K wide am signal on 28.400 they would be whining till the cows come home. I suggest politely informing them via on air and or email a copy of the bandplan. I do not suggest getting into some pissing contest with these people. I also suggest recording audio and video of it and posting it here / you tube with a link. This puts people on notice with firm proof and callsigns being heard. This is what I think the best way to go and is just my 2 cents.

If a referal to the arrl/ffc band cops is then prudent the proof is already out here. Most of us know filing a complaint doesn't really do anything beause they don't have the man power is the usual excuse. I say thy just don't want to act on it unless its bothering say police / fire or some kind of real communications not on ham radio.

John McGrath N9AMI
AMI# 1488
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Posted : 07/04/2023 3:25 pm